About our Charity

When Bailey Matthews completed his first triathlon at Castle Howard in 2015, it was a demonstration of what could be achieved when a child with a disability has the equipment, support and opportunity to participate in a mainstream triathlon event.  The confidence and joy that Bailey gained from participating in and completing the triathlon is clearly evident in the video that went viral and was seen around the World.  What is also evident from that video is the effect that it had on all those who shared that moment with him.  Our aim is to enable others to share that joy and experience.


The Be More Bailey Charitable Foundation was established to provide the opportunity for other children with disabilities to benefit from taking part in triathlon (or its individual disciplines of swimming, cycling and running) by providing grants towards the specialist equipment that they may need to enable them to participate.  The Charity is also working to actively encourage children with disabilities to get involved in swimming, cycling and running and is working with event organisers to create accessible events where children with disabilities can participate alongside able-bodied children and where they can all achieve the same goals.

Bailey Matthews finishing his first triathlon in 2015